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5 reasons to be an AskBee Tutor


Live, on-demand guidance

Get 1-to-1 homework help for the subject you need, right when you need it. No more being stuck on a question and having to wait till your weekly tuition class to get help with it. Just tap “Ask Now” on AskBee, and our friendly tutors will ‘bee’ ready to guide you!

1. Flexible Time

Teach whenever you are available, each session is only 15 minutes

2. Teach from Anywhere

No need to commute or get stuck in traffic

3. Easy and Seamless

Just one app to receive requests to help, teach and get paid

4. Focus on Teaching

No need to look for students, AskBee brings them to you

5. Profit with Purpose

Earn well while doing good for students who need help


Premium & Elite Tutors for Primary Level

Premium Tutor
Can earn up to
RM32/hour (RM8/session)
Here’s what you will need:
Scored an ‘A’ for the relevant SPM (or equivalent) subjects
Complete AskBee’s onboarding and verification process
Complete an online teaching demonstration
Elite Tutor
Can earn up to
RM48/hour (RM12/session)
Here’s what you will need:
Current/ former school teacher OR more than 2 years of professional tutoring experience
Complete AskBee’s onboarding and verification process
Maintain a rating of > 4 stars

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I qualify to become a tutor on AskBee?
What documents do I need to submit?
How much do I earn per session?
How and when do I get paid?
Is there a recommended set up for an effective live tutoring session?
What happens if I can’t answer a student’s question within 1 session?
What happens if i provide an incorrect answer?

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