How to Maximise Your AskBee Session

Use the 3 Interactive video modes:

  • In the default Bubble mode, you can pull and move the video display around to your preferred spot on the screen
  • Double tap anywhere on the bubbles to switch between modes: Bubble, Half Screen or Full Screen
  • The blue icon with 3 dots (…) allows you to control the video display. Use this to switch between front-back camera; mute/unmute your microphone; turn off/on your video

To send messages in writing:

  • Use the 'Message' function at the bottom of your screen

To show a question or workings on paper:

Option 1

Tap on the '+' sign at the bottom of your screen

  • Select 'Camera' (Android: 'Take Photo') to take a photo  
  • Select 'Photo Library' (Android: 'Choose From Library') and tap on the arrow (on the bottom right) to send it into the chat

Option 2

Tap on the blue icon with 3 dots (…). Then, select the reverse camera mode to show a live view of what you are working on.

Option 3

In Half Screen or Full Screen video mode, the blue camera button (at the bottom of your screen) allows you to take a live screenshot to send into the chat for reference

  • Tap on the blue camera button to take a screenshot
  • Tap on the blue arrow button to send it into the chat
  • Go back to the chat and tap on the screenshot. This brings you into a ‘Ready to Share’ mode
  • Tap on the blue icon (at the top right) to share your screen. This allows the tutor and student to see the same screen to work on the question together!

To share online study materials or references:

  • Select ‘Share Web Content’
  • Allow screen recording (Tap on ‘Record Screen’) 
  • Choose your web source from the list
  • Both the tutor and student will see the same screen so they can discuss the material together

Student's learning companion on the in-app video call, who is also our very own guardian AI.