How To Ask For Help

1. Select a subject

At the top of the Study tab, scroll until you get to the subject that you need help with. This helps AskBee to find the right tutor to help.

2. Tap on the Ask Now button

This brings you to a quick confirmation screen. You can still change the match settings here. It may take a couple of minutes before the next tutor is able to help, so hang in there while the app contacts the tutors. You will be matched to the next available tutor soon.

3. Yay! We've found you a tutor!

This means you're ready to start. You'll see the name and a short intro of the tutor who will be helping. Tap on the "Enter" button to start your session. Have fun learning with AskBee!



Student's learning companion on the in-app video call, who is also our very own guardian AI.